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Diane GOULLARD has a trained, warm and emotionally-moving female-tenor voice. Diane started her débuts on CKVL radio, in Verdun, Quebec, Canada. She was invited on the Ed Sullivan television show, where she sang in French and in English. Without knowing it, you may have heard her voice in movie captions, commercial and corporate audios… Voiceover talent, Narrator, Vocalist, Lyricist, Diane also composes and translates scripts and lyrics from French into English and from English into French.
Diane, pronounced “Dee-Ann”, is also referred to as “Frenchie”, from her ham operator handle KC6ZRA.


You can book Diane’s services by filling out the form on this website and contacting us.

Listen to a sample of Diane’s voice


  • English (near-native American accent)
  • French international or French-Canadian (native accent)

Vocal Range (current)

Female tenor / Contralto

Voiceover Experience and Demos

Singing Experience

Under the direction of Louis Magor, Chorus Director:

    • Gustav Mahler, Symphony no. 2. Edo de Waart, Conductor
    • Gustav Mahler, Symphony no. 3 (in German)
    • Johannes Brahms, German Requiem (in German)
    • Johann Sebastian Bach, Passion selon St-Matthieu (in French). Hans Vonk, Conductor
    • Beethoven, Symphony No. 9. Louis Magor, Chorus Director and Conductor
    • Amadeus Mozart, Grande Messe en Si (in French)
    • Carl Orf, Carmina Burana. Mikhail Barishnikov, featured guest artist ballet dancer. Walter Weller, Conductor
    • Charles Ives, Psaume
    • Daniel Kobialca, Labyrinth
    • Francis Poulenc, Gloria
    • Vaughan Williams, Mass en G. Michael Tilson-Thomas, Conductor
    • Beethoven, Choral Fantasy (German)
    • Beethoven, Grand Mass in C (Latin)
  • Soloist, soprano, substitute, at various churches, in Southern California, USA
  • Vocalist in piano bars – sing in French and in English, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Soloist, soprano/Dancing/Acting, Recital artist, concerts in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Soloist, “Madame X”, Reine Charrier’s talent radio show on local radio station, CKVL, Quebec province, Canada
  • Soloist, Canada’s version Ed Sullivan television show, guest performer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Music · Bachelor of Arts in Music (in French), Minor in Voice & Languages (French, English, Latin, Italian, German), University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Voice, Sol-Fa, Theory
· Pierre Mollet (Swiss-French), Nina Narducci (Italian-French), Conservatory of Music, Montreal
· Robert Schmorr, former Metropolitan Opera tenor, Coronado, CA
· Jacqueline Turcotte, Ville-Émard, QC, Canada
· Anita Bérubé, Verdun, QC, Canada
Coaching · Daniel Levenstein, San Francisco, CA
Diction for French, English, German, Italian, Latin
· Mrs. Audet, Les Fauvettes Bleues, Montreal
· Alfred Brunet, Conservatory of Music, Montreal
Folklore · Jacqueline Turcotte & Michel Dubé, Montreal
Ballroom & Époque dancing · Studios in Verdun, QC, Canada, and San Francisco, CA
Piano & Theory · Thérèse Gingras, Montreal

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