Beyond Words

Full of fascinating details, a rich range of the kind of knowledge the world includes. This book deserves to be on the market indefinitely available.
Getting to the Heart of Communication in One or More Languages for the 21st Century,
by Diane Goullard (Parlante).
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Welcome to Diane Goullard’s website – French and English Communication Services

Passionate and trusted translator, interpreter, voiceover talent, teacher/tutor, listener par excellence, creative problem solver, and much more…serving since 1984

Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. & by appointment 24/7

No job too large or too $mall, too simple or too complex. Every customer is valued. Every assignment is treated with care and attention, and receives USCIS certification and guaranty.

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Diane offers professional translating and interpreting of French to English and English to French. 

  • Over 34 years of professional translating and interpreting services
  • Thousands of individuals and companies served
  • Diane holds a Master’s degree in French Literature and is a native French and French-Canadian speaker and as good as native English speaker.

NEW 2018:

French > English translation, by Diane Goullard,, of René Binet’s Decorative Sketches, Architecture and Design Influenced by Nature in Early 20th-Century Paris, published by DOVER PUBLISHING, ISBN 978-0-486-81668-5 and 0-486-81668-0

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Additional services – House and pet sitting – references available



NEW 2017:

1-hour Hypnotherapy CD in English and in French ― Content: abuse, disease, drugs, miracles, pregnancy, rebirth, relationships, sex, trauma, weight-loss, well-being, worry… By SAM MERANTO, interpreted simultaneously by French And English

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Language Services

Services include, but are not limited to the following. For additional services, contact Diane to discuss and customize services. All services are provided in French and/or in English.

  • Translation from French to and from English
  • Interpreting from French to and from English
  • Speaker
  • Teach/Tutor French, ESL, piano
  • Voiceovers
  • Paralegal
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“A charming blend between stories of life within the Translator’s experience, and a reference book relevant to the 21st Century. Full of fascinating details, a rich range of the kind of knowledge the world includes. This book deserves to be on the market indefinitely available.” Brook Ballard, Ph.D. History

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