Some Clients’ testimonials about Diane Goullard’s services… translating, proofreading, interpreting French <> English, Voiceovers… house- and/or pet-sitting…

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HOUSE- AND PET- SITTING REFERENCES for Diane Goullard, “Frenchie” 

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House and pet sitting Ollie, a Ragdoll cat

“We are very pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Diane Goullard. Diane has worked for us on several occasions as a pet sitter for our very social and attached ragdoll cat. We would recommend Diane to anyone who is looking for reliable and kind person to care for their pets. We absolutely trust her with our cat, who was just a kitten when they met. She has been willing to stay with him in our home for weekends and even 1-2 weeklong vacations. We have a peace of mind knowing that our fur baby and our home are in good hands. She truly cares about animals and their well-being.

Our cat loves to spend time with Diane. He has come to look forward to seeing her and makes leaving him a bit easier on us. It’s a joy to receive daily pictures of him playing, cuddling, being brushed, and getting all of his needs met. We also appreciate Diane’s willingness to take care of our home while we are away, such as tending to our plants, bringing in packages and trash cans and keeping us in the loop of people who stop by for various home services.

Diane is a very nice person to know and very good at what she does. She has become an integral part of our family. We believe that Diane would be a tremendous asset to anyone needing pet care.”

Received | 2021-2022 Niki & Joe, Phoenix, AZ


House and pet sitting Dottie, a German Longhaired Pointer

“Diane was a fabulous house-sitter. Incredibly nice trustworthy person who looked after both Dotty and the house really well. We all loved her! We 100% recommend her to any other pet owner looking for a reliable housesitter.  Organized. Reliable. Self-sufficient. Tidy.”

Sitting for this Family was like visiting loved relatives. Nothing short of wonderful. Hospitable. Communicative. Kind. Fun. Neat. Talented. Active. The indoor Dottie was a sweetheart, cuddling, minding, no barking, responsive–on the outdoors, ouhlala! Powerful, curious, a rocket :-). Hope to visit again this extraordinary family. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Received | May 2020 Charlotte, Coronado, CA


House and pet sitting Gracie, an Australian Shepherd puppy

“Pet sitting for our new puppy I thought was going to be a challenge. Since she was too young for commercial boarding (the trip was planned before we got the dog), I was very limited in my options. When I found Frenchie, I didn’t need other options. She and my new puppy got along famously. She paid great attention to detail and sent updates to keep me calm about having left my new “baby”. I have complete confidence in her ability to care for Gracie just as I would.”

Received | May 2018 KC – Scottsdale, Arizona


House/pet sitting Makana (The Gift, in Hawaïan), Cavalier King-Charles dog

“Diane took care of our house and dog for a month, and I think it was a great experience for all of us! While I was gone, she sent me lots of texts and pictures of our dog and really kept up with all they were doing. She was not afraid to ask or double check if there was something she wasn’t sure about. She fit right into the neighborhood, tutoring French to the neighbor girls and volunteering at some events in town. When my flight was delayed, she was able to stay an extra night no problem. And it was so great when I got home to walk into a clean house and a happy dog. I could see he was well cared for and that she had been brushing and walking him and really enjoying his company. I think it was a real win-win for all of us! Thanks Frenchie! Organized, reliable, self-sufficient, tidy.”

Received | October 2017 Dana – Durango, Colorado, United States


House and pet sitting for Shinubi, a Shiba-Inu dog

“To Whom It May Concern: I engaged Diane, aka “Frenchie”, as my house and pet sitter for one week during the summer of 2017. Diane was courteous, respectful, trustworthy and very mindful of my pet’s well-being. When I returned home from my trip, I found my home to be in order and my dog was healthy and well cared for. I would recommend Diane for any similar position.”

Received | Summer 2017 James & Susan, Torrance, California, USA


House and pet sitting for 3 cats, Carmen, Echo, Sabrina

“Diane was a wonderful house and cat sitter! She was warm and loving with my cats and very responsible and caring in my home. She is easy to communicate with and very conscientious. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Organized, reliable, self-sufficient, tidy.”

Received | August 2017 Rebecca, Marina Del Rey, California, USA


House and pet sitting for two cats

“Diane house sat for us four or five times over the past couple of years. She has been responsible for checking the pool for problems, bringing in the mail, watering plants, and, especially, taking care of our two kitties. She is diligent, mature, reliable and personable. She cares genuinely about the animals and her responsibilities. When we leave, we feel secure that she is at the helm and will communicate any concerns right away. Highly recommended. Organized, reliable, self-sufficient, tidy.”

Received | September 2016 Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA


Bernice, on character reference

“Diane worked for me several years ago, and I found her to be reliable and trustworthy. She is diligent and respectful in all circumstances, and would be a good house and pet sitter, worthy of trust and confidence.”

Received | September 2016 Bernice, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


House, pet, and child sitting

“Diana has watched my house and dog and baby/child off and on over the years and I know she has house-sitted for other friends. She is reliable, friendly, dependable and trustworthy. Organized, reliable, self-sufficient, tidy.”

Received | September 2016 Kim, Phoenix, Arizona, USA


House and pet sitting two cats, and personal assistance

“Diane came to France to house sit for me while I was hospitalized for a month. I was very happy for the help as I was very concerned at having to leave my two cats in a cattery for such a long time. Diane was well suited for this as she is a native French speaker. She was more able to converse with neighbors, tradesmen, and even medical personnel at the hospital than I was. She kindly informed my family and friends of my condition after my surgery. Diane is very organized, and tidy. Organized, reliable, self-sufficient, tidy.”

Received | September 2016 Ann, France, Europe