About Diane Goullard

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Languages: Thoroughly fluent in French and in English


Diane’s translation, proofreading, editing style is based on the principles of word for word, meaning for meaning, and a somewhat resistive approach. When possible, Diane adds footnotes and offers appropriate comments. Associations, concepts, culture, grammar, perceptions, terminology, etc., differing in both languages, words will not appear in the same order in the source and target texts. Emphasis is placed on achieving the greatest equivalence, while attempting to be faithful to both the source text and culture and the target’s without obliterating either one–a generally very complex and tedious task, requiring assiduity, rigour, sensitivity. A close cooperation between readers or listeners and authors or speakers is always preferable. In most cases, an all-inclusive cultural and language equivalencies through translation cannot exist perfectly.

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Interpreting  Style

Diane’s interpreting style is faithful, smooth, consecutive and quasi-simultaneous. Diane renders word for word, meaning for meaning, respecting setting and context. Clarifies when not sure of meaning and does not assume. She displays a fair balance between professional sense and a warm sense of humanity.

Voiceover / Narrating Style

Diane’s voiceover/narrating style is pleasing. As a voiceover talent, Diane possesses a warm and melodious voice, is found to be prepared, easy to work with, reducing studio time and costs.

Paralegal Style

Diane’s paralegal style is pleasing. For attorneys only. Here are some comments A-V rated attorneys who have worked with Diane say about her: “Diane follows directions, while taking initiative.” “Diane uses sound common sense and judgment, through a thoughtful process, she implements ways of making cases more manageable.” “Diane avoids unnecessary costs.” “Diane is a true professional.”

Teaching / Tutoring Style

“Diane is personable and displays a proper sense of humor. She commands respect from her students.” Darla Cox, Assistant Headmaster, La Jolla Country Day School

Some Clients whom Diane Goullard has served over the years…

(602) 870-1000

[email protected]

Professional Memberships

  • ACIA – Arizona Court Interpreters Association (1994-2004)
  • APA – Arizona Production Association (1994-2003)
  • ATA – American Translators Association (1984-present)
  • AITA – Arizona Interpreters and Translators Association (2003-2004)
  • CCIA – California Court Interpreters Association (1984-2004)
  • French Consulate – Search “Translators”, click “Arizona” (1995-present)
  • COURTS – Orientation: Arizona (1996), California (1984), Maryland (1995)
  • U.S. DLPT – Defense Language Proficiency Test – satisfies or exceeds minimum requirements for French and English fluency and proficiency (1998)
  • JCC – Judicial Council of California, Registered Interpreter of Nondesignated Languages (Out of state) (1993-2004)
  • NAJIT – National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (1993-1997)
  • NCTA – Northern California Translators Association (1985-1990)
  • TTIG – The Translators and Interpreters Guild (1989-1995, on-off)

Academic Education, Professional Training, Experience
Serving since 1984

Professional Translator, Proofreader, Interpreter, Teacher, Tutor...

Master’s degree in French Literature. Notable translations include:

  • Applied project on ASU website | On FrenchAndEnglish.com
  • Mentioned in United States’ President’s Commencement Address of May 14, 2009
  • ASU Translation Award
  • Diane Goullard’s French to English translation of René Binet’s Decorative Sketches, Architecture and Design Influenced by Nature In Early 20th Century Paris, published by Dover Publishing


  • Certified over-the-phone interpreter French and English
  • Court-approved

Certificate in French and English translation, Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface, “CUSB”, Manitoba, Canada

Professional Voice Training and Performing

Baccalaureate in Music (Voice major, Minor in Languages)

Vocal training

Singing Experience

  • Diane has been performing publicly as a soloist, and in choirs. So far, she has sung in French, English, German, Italian, Latin, Russian.

Paralegal Training and Professional Experience

Paralegal Certificate American Bar Association-approved

  • Saint Mary’s College of California – six years of experience in AV-rated law firms (Resume available)

Ongoing Continuing Education

Ongoing Continuing Education and Re-Education, in French and in English

Live, work and study in:

  • from birth to 1979: French; French-speaking surroundings
  • from 1979 to present: French and in English; English-speaking surroundings