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Published Literary Works, Translated, Proofread, and/or Edited by Diane Goullard

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  • René Binet’s Decorative Sketches, Architecture and Design Influenced by Nature in Early 20th-Century Paris, Published by Dover Publishing, ISBN 978-0-486-81668-5 and 0-486-81668-0, Translated from French to English by Diane Goullard
  • Diary of a Robot, by Lewis Jenkins, Published by Author, Edited in English by Diane Goullard
  • Eight Months In Provence, by Diane Covington-Carter, Published by Marshall & McClintic Publishing, Edited in English and passages translated from French by Diane Goullard
  • WWII handwritten diary, by Jean-Pierre Trébot, Private printing, not for publication, Transcribed and Translated from French into English by Diane Goullard
  • Finding Gilbert, by Diane Covington-Carter, Published by Marshall & McClintic Publishing, Edited in English and passages translated from French by Diane Goullard
  • Beyond Words, Getting to the Heart of Communication in One or More Languages for the 21st Century, Published by Author House, Authored by Diane Goullard
  • War Pilot Memoirs: A Mirror on 1939, by Jacques Drabier, Published by SereyJones Publishing, Diane Goullard, Advisor to J. Hodges translator from French to English
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