Beyond Words ~Getting to the Heart of Communication in One or More Languages for the 21st Century, by Diane Goullard (Parlante)


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What is this book about?

It is not an academic treatise, nor is it issued from book knowledge only. It is a bird’s eye view into my sense of what communication is, what it is not, what it is for, and ways of achieving that. Reading it, you will be taken on a voyage of discovery on what it means to truly communicate. It represents what I understand, to get to the heart of communication in one or more languages for the 21st century. It results from 20 years of life experience interpreting and translating what others say, intuition and soul-searching as a Communicator, and a former…Foreigner.

Who is this book for and why?

  • the public, to foster understanding of communication, of translating and interpreting, of translators and interpreters;
  • everyone who has to communicate with someone, in one or more languages, directly or via an interpreter or a translator;
  • users of translation and/or interpretation services;
  • language professionals, including translators, interpreters, language students, and teachers.

It is written as my contribution to the world of communicating and to the translation and interpretation profession. Millions of individuals use translators and interpreters or derive information from translations. Many do not understand practically what to expect from these professionals, or the scope of these professionals’ limits and responsibilities, or how to use them most effectively.

Why was this book written?

To inspire. To learn. To unlearn. To act as a reminder…to be in the moment, to listen and to talk with one another, to speak truth with compassion. Improved communication can raise the bar of understanding and peace, at home, and abroad.


ISBN 1403319758, 5×8, 494 pages, 2 photos, 1 drawing, Index
ISBN 140331974X, e-book