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French English translator
Professors Deborah Losse, Ph.D., Barbara Lafford, Ph.D., Helene Ossipov, Ph.D., and Diane Goullard Parlante

Arizona State University School of International Letters & Cultures (SILC) presents the Judith J. Radke Translation school-wide award from for academic achievement to Diane Goullard Parlante. Read Diane’s story on the link below. Commencement 2009: graduate student success stories

“I enjoyed the experience of working with you and trusted your style. You are honest, I would use your services again and refer them.” Comfort A… (040207)

“Very satisfied with your [translation] services.” Will B… (052898)

“You were able to accommodate our need on short notice. Whatever you bill us, you will have earned it and deserve it.” Annemarie B…, Mic and Phil L… (103001)

“I enjoy Diane’s fresh and genuine personality. I spent time meeting and getting to know Diane at the Franciscan Renewal Center and would endorse her work for any organization.” Charlie Brown, GM Franciscan Renewal Center (September, 2010)

“It has been a pleasure to work with you on this project. You can be assured that you will be hearing from us if we have additional French translation projects.” Jane B… (062497)

“You interpreted [French and English] for individuals in a variety of circumstances, sharing their joys and sorrows, and participating in the common as well as extraordinary occurrences of other people’s lives. You provided courteous, professional service, often exceeding our clients’ expectations. I extend to you my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your willingness to interpret for Language Line Services.” Peggy B… (120900)

“I enjoyed the experience of working with you. I found most useful your turn around time, flexibility, night hours. I would absolutely refer you to a friend or colleague.” Jonas C… 020410

“I found your website through Google, and recognized your name as soon as I saw it. You did some translations for me years and years ago […]. I remember you as being extremely professional, attentive to detail, and excellent at what you do.” Heidi C… (061506)

“I am very satisfied with your services, the way you answered and spoke in French and English, and I expect to use your services again.” Chan C… (0401)

“Excellent interpretation. Satisfactory customer service, satisfactory knowledge, excellent courtesy.” Lyla C… (1993)

“Diane is an extremely personable woman. She is very warm, has a great sense of humor and can at the same time command respect from her students. I have met few teachers who exude such a sense of enthusiasm for their subject and for life in general. Her students have learned excellent oral skills from her teaching and both took the fourth-year French Language Advanced Placement Examination. She also tutored other students from this private school who were having academic problems. Both the students and the parents have been very complimentary about her work as a tutor.” Darla Cox… (1986)

“Thank you so much for your speed and efficiency. Life is stressful right now—you made it easier. Keep up the good work and friendly demeanor.” Susan Rae C… (062101)

“I was very satisfied with your services and am likely to refer your services to others. Thanks!” Patricia C… (062300)

« Traduction [interprétation] impeccable et rapide. » Judge Olivier D… (071399)

“Thank you so much for doing such a great job on that “last minute” translation – I expect to be sending more work your way.” Marty D… (051598)

“I enjoyed the experience of working with you, I trust your style, you follow my instructions, you demonstrate patience, courtesy and promptness. I and others were satisfied by your service. I would use your services again and will refer you if the occasion arises.” Douglas C. D… (061103)

“Document was translated perfectly.” Maurice D… (091599)

“[…] For three days, practically non-stop, Diane Goullard performed her task with ease, professionalism, a sense of humor when needed and a willingness to provide the very best of services. After the second day of interviews, one of the French officers took me aside and commented how impressed he was with the work provided by Mrs. Goullard. After the third day, the interviews were ended and Mrs. Goullard’s services were no longer needed. Judge Z. congratulated Mrs. Goullard on her excellent work and expressed his gratitude for her having facilitated an already difficult task of melding two very different judicial procedures, i.e., French and American. I believe Mrs. Goullard made an outstanding contribution to this difficult investigation and it is my recommendation that she be considered on future occasions when translation or simultaneous translations are needed.” Francis H. E… (06/1993)

“You caught a glimpse through several layers of culture – a glimpse of something which pleased everyone concerned.” Richard E… (062893)

“Thank you for your help on the WOMAC project. Thank you for your quick turn around via fax.” Louise E… (061796)

“Excellent translation. Translation rated Excellent by native speaker of the target language. Excellent time to complete the translation assignment. Excellent responsiveness to client, knowledge, courtesy.” Eric E… (1994)

“Thank you for your quick response and diligence! I am very satisfied with your French and English services.” Susan F… (081701)

“Thank you for your assistance in recommending Diane Goullard Parlante, a French interpreter, for our Federal Bankruptcy Court trial. We were impressed with her professionalism, and she was an asset to both parties and the Court. She did an excellent job during the course of our two-day trial, and if the need arises, we will be sure to ask for her assistance again.” Martin R. G… (032300)

“I was very satisfied with the French and English services I received.” Fabian G… (0601)

“Very good translation.” Sandrine G… (042795)

« Je n’aurais pas pu faire mieux. » [Translation : I could not have done better. – Said by another interpreter watching Diane interpreting French-Canadian <> U.S. English in a 9th Circuit Federal court sentencing case] Sandrine G… (111703)

“I enjoyed the experience of working with you. I would definitely use your services again and recommend you to a friend or colleague.“ Fred G… (033009)

“I am a bilingual attorney and I have been practicing law in California since 1984. Even though I have lived in the United States since childhood, French is my native language and I read it, speak it and understand it fluently. In September of 1993, French clients of mine came to San Diego to participate as a party in a binding arbitration proceeding. I needed the services of a professional interpreter to interpret during these complex and delicate proceedings. We requested the services of Diane Goullard who was able to assist us on very short notice. As one of the attorneys in this proceeding I had the opportunity to observe Diane Goullard interpret simultaneously for the parties. She interpreted for several days, 8 hours each day into this matter on very short notice and with no opportunity to prepare herself for the topics which were being discussed. Her style and demeanor were most professional. I was impressed with her abilities. I can attest to the accuracy and competence with which she interpreted throughout the entire proceeding. I would definitely use and feel very comfortable highly recommending Diane Goullard’s services on any occasion where simultaneous or consecutive interpretation is required.” Jean-Pierre G… (06/1994)

“Thank you so much! This is fabulous and just what I was hoping for! You kept the spirit of the letter, but corrected my mistakes.” Renée G… (052907)

“I would use your services again if I needed to. You were patient, courteous, I liked your services, I trusted your style, your work, and you followed my instructions.” Donna… (0606)

“Sharing compliments and good news is part of my job description. My customer [Intel] really likes your translation work! Compliments are often hard-won and hard to come by; whey they do come, I pass them along. Thank you!” Wink H… 110596

“Prompt translation.” Wink H… (082696)

“Turnaround on the assignment was incredibly quick, and we were pleased that particular attention was paid to what version of French was appropriate for our needs.” Sonya G. H… (050898)

“Thank you for a great job [translation and voiceover]. Hope we get to work with each other again, soon!” Reddie H… (102998)

“Very satisfied with your services; translation well executed [reviewed by native French speaker]; very likely to refer your services to others.” Christophe and Suzanne H… (112300)

“Service is always very fast. Translations are very well done. Communication with Client is excellent. Services were much better than I could have done.” Christophe and Suzanne H… (093099)

“Very satisfied with your [translation] services. Thanks for your professional and quick services. My husband [French native speaker], commented that you were able to do a much better job than he could have done.” Christophe and Suzanne H… (020298)

“Excellent Translation. Service was prompt and professional.” Mary-Ellen H… (072694)

“Service was prompt and Diane was very professional.” Marci H… (110599)

“We sent it [the translation] for editing and it was perfect! Thank you. Perfect Translation.” Allison I… (061898)

“We enjoyed working with you. We trusted your style, your work, you followed our instructions. We got value for the money. You were quick, had a great personality, and you spoke Canadian-French!” Christopher I…, and Nathalie L… (102007)

“While she attended St. Mary’s College to become a Paralegal, Diane lived with my wife and me in our home in Orinda, CA. It became readily apparent to us that Diane was bilingual in French and English. Her English grammar and pronunciation were excellent. I might add that Diane has an ideal personality to be an interpreter. She is naturally interested in people. She would be completely at home conversing in French or English in almost any field I can think of.” Alfred C. Ingersoll, Engineer (1984)

“Outstanding interpreter providing over-the-phone English-based interpretation for a variety of clients in the fields of banking, business, computer, finance, health, insurance, law, literature, telecommunications, etc. Diane Goullard Parlante frequently receives special recognition from clients. Extremely reliable and professional. High quality and accurate performance in handling stressful situations, difficult calls, lengthy and involved technical terminology. Very adaptable. 1990. Most outstanding talents or characteristics? I have observed Diane’s performance and have found her to be responsible, dedicated & professional. Chief liabilities or weaknesses? Diane is very curious: she often scours over journals & newspapers and shares interesting articles with colleagues. She’s open to learning and takes every opportunity for additional training.” Sana J… (062794)

“Fast. Satisfied.” Alicia N. J… (060706)

“I liked the way you conducted your business; I am very satisfied with the French and English services you provided and would use your translation services again.” Burton L… (062101)

“Most outstanding talents or characteristics? She [Diane] is particularly friendly, outgoing, and out-reaching. She works well with others, is honest, trustworthy and principled. Chief liabilities or weaknesses? If self-searching is considered a weakness, she is prone to that, but perhaps it may be better described as humility.” Nina Rose Jackstadt (062094)

“I [a French and English interpreter] do want to thank you for your support [as a Paralegal] before and during the deposition. You have a difficult job and many different responsibilities. I really appreciated the few notes and comments on terminology you took the time to offer me. Some of your points were wonderfully subtle!” Julie E. J… (031489)

“Thank you so much for being kind and understanding. Your presence certainly helped Charles cope with a terrible situation. He is now back in his family, trying to forget a painful episode.” Yvette J… (062694)

“Very satisfied with your translation services, we found in the Yellow Pages. You answered the phone and returned calls promptly, you were a person, not a machine.” Christiane von K…(062902)

“Not only have I found Diane to be completely fluent in French (both with regard to translating documents and also speaking to various French witnesses), but I hasten to emphasize that I have also found her to be most responsible, intelligent and hard working…during various depositions, Diane has been the individual who has often helped the French nationals and the certified interpreters better express themselves in either English or French.” Alson R. Kemp, Jr., Esq. (1990)

“Very satisfied with your translation services; likely to refer your services to others.” Philip T. K… (090800)

“Very satisfied with your [Translation] services.” Sidney N. L… (050798)

“We had the opportunity to work with Diane Goullard Parlante, an experienced French translator, in Scottsdale Arizona this year. Diane worked directly with us on the worldwide launch of the Lamborghini Superleggera for 100 media and 200 dealer personnel. Diane’s task was simultaneous translation for the French audience group over a period of 5 days. Lamborghini found Diane to be highly professional, accurate and able to work at speed. We would have no hesitation in recommending her for French translation services.” Julie C… (072507)

“Professional quality of service, we hope to use your services again.” LLE Language Services… (071406)

“Your services were seamless; there was no disruption. I thought the hearing went very smoothly.” Anthony B. L, Administrative Law Judge… (110999)

“I enjoyed the experience of working with you, you were very prompt, which was important since other translators did not even acknowledge e-mails. I would use your services if I needed to.” Christine L… (081705)

“We are very satisfied with the services we received and expect to use your services again.” Marie-France and Mark L… (061201)

“Most outstanding talents or characteristics? Intelligence & wisdom, integrity & ethics, responsible & accountable, entrepreneurial oriented, excellent business & people skills. Chief liabilities or weaknesses? Will focus like a laser beam until the project is complete. Needs to relax more.” Bill Miller (062494)

“I just received word about the commendation you received from our client. This is my largest client, billing over a million dollars a year. It is professionals like you that keep our clients…coming and staying with Language Line. I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for the excellent job you do on a day to day basis. Thank you.” Jenny M… (051597)

“Excellent translation, very organized. Excellent Voiceover.” Mary M… (041597)

“Thanks so much for everything.” Along with a bouquet of flowers:
French English translation
Michelle M… (12/2008)

“Very appreciative for your help [in transcribing and simultaneously translating from French into English]. Moderately satisfied [with request for national information on a foreign country (outside the scope of translating and interpreting)].” Mark M… (2000)

“Very satisfied of your translation services; very definitely likely to refer you to others.” Kim M… (091100)

“I enjoyed the experience of working with you; I and others were satisfied by your services; I get value for the money and/or your prices are within my budget; I trust your style, your work, you follow my instructions; you demonstrate patience and courtesy. I would use your services again. You can use my name as a referral.” Walter B. Nash III, P.C., Esq. (12/2002)

“Very satisfied with your transcription and simultaneous translation services. Very satisfied with your translation and summarizing services.” Michael A. P… (2000)

“Satisfactory rating by native speaker of the target language. It was for Micki’s work assignment in school. The teacher loved it. I told her I went to you for Micki when tutorial services at the school flared out. Satisfactory responsiveness to client. Satisfactory knowledge and excellent courtesy. This was a strange assignment for you, I know, but you did well with it, and we both learned something about cultural concepts – knights on horses.” Peggy P... (1994)

“Thank you for your quick turnaround. I am very satisfied with your services and expect to use them again or refer them.” Janet P… (070902)

“I include Diane Goullard (formerly Hanson) among the best half dozen legal assistants I have ever seen. She has all the basic skills, but she also possesses several additional positive characteristics that are rare. First, she has initiative. Second, she thinks about and implements ways to make a case more manageable, so that unnecessary costs are avoided. Third, she is extremely careful and detail oriented. Fourth, Diane has energy and is willing to devote it to get the job done. Fifth, Diane is fluent in French. This language ability has been crucial to me. In essence, I find Diane to be that rare breed of legal assistant: A true professional, someone who does not do only what she is told, but who wants to be involved and who wants to be challenged.” Mark H. Penskar, Esq. (1990)

“Dear Mr. To [Diane’s Manager], Thank you for allowing me to send this gift for Diane Goullard Parlante…One of our priests passed away and his family lives in…France. None of them speak English therefore, I was in need of a translator. I feel extremely blessed to have gotten Diane. Diane saw me through this trying time (many, many calls) and it is not over yet. She is fantastic and I can’t say enough good things about her nor can this small gift repay her for all she has done. It is very comforting to know that your company has people like Diane to help those of us who are in need of “Diane’s”. Again, thank you very much, and may God bless you.” Sister Juliette B. P… (102097)

“You trust me – you react very promptly and used Internet too. I used your services because you speak French.” Christiane P… (080706)

“I did not attend the deposition, but I was advised by the participants they were very satisfied.” Reid C. Pixler, Assistant United States Attorney (071399)

“Dear Diane, Thank you so much for your good work.” Irith R… (100507)

“Very satisfied with your services.” Sam and Deborah R… (060899)

“Very prompt and professional.” Krista S… (090408)

“Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed attending your session at the American Translators’ Association 33rd Annual Conference in San Diego. I truly hope you will present a session at the next convention in Philadelphia next year.” Mirén U. S… (121592)

“I was very satisfied with your translation services. The project was finished in a very tight timeline, very responsive communication via email. We expect to use your services again.” Stewart S… (012302)

“Very satisfied. Very good job.” Michael P. S… (010500)

“Excellent student who grasps complex concepts and skills. Because of her people skills, organizational skills and ability to clearly explain concepts and skills, she would make an excellent teacher.” Susan S… (011104)

“I enjoyed the experience of working with you, was satisfied with your services, got value for my money, trust your style, you demonstrated patience and courtesy. I would use your services again.” Hubie S… (0506)

“I enjoyed the experience of working with you on an English to French-Canadian translation and voiceover project. I get value for my money. I trust your style, your work, you follow my instructions. You demonstrate patience and courtesy. I would use your services again.” Patrick S… (121902)

“Very satisfied with your translation services.” Debbie S… (032701)

“Excellent services. Very quick response. Thank you. Satisfactory rating from native speaker. Excellent time. Excellent responsiveness to client, satisfactory knowledge, excellent courtesy.” Bob S… (072594)

“We enjoyed the experience of working with you, were satisfied with your services, got value for the money, trusted your style, work, you followed our instructions, you demonstrated patience and courtesy, and you were flexible, accommodating our needs and schedule. It was a pleasure to work with you.” Mel and Inge S… (100507)

“The gal before Diane faked an accent and took 8 studio hours! With Diane, we didn’t have to record it again. Diane’s voice recording was right the first time, and she had a genuine French-Canadian accent.” Laurie Taylor, Great Scott Productions (2004)

“[…] Diane has distinguished herself as an excellent communicator, both in verbal and written format. […] Diane demonstrates a genuine intellectual curiosity that is often accompanied by her excitement for an idea, author, literary work, or new topic to be discovered and researched. She seeks truth in each and every area of her life, whether in learning, discussing, philosophy, or relating to people. Always, in her work and personal endeavors, Diane is enthusiastic, consistent and a pleasure to be around. She has incredible creative energies with attention to detail. I would highly recommend Diane for any position of work, leadership, education, or any other capacity in which she can spread her excitement and share her talents with others.” Kim T… (072304)

“Very satisfied with your services.” Tony T… (102698)

“Your services met my expectations. I enjoyed the experience of working with you. I trust your style, your work, you follow my instructions. What was most helpful was your thoroughness.” Alan & Mary (October 2014)

« Vous parlez bien français. » [Translation: You speak French well.] Marie T… (061902)

“Thank you for the good job in the translation of these materials. Here’s another check for $1,000 and more material to be translated.” Hugo U… 041895

“We would like to work with you again soon, since you are a very talented translator and our client was exceptionally pleased with the document you translated.” Arturo V… 1991

“Two referrals led me to you, you were patient, courteous. I trusted your style, your work, you followed my instructions. I enjoyed the ”experience of working with you. I also liked your efficiency. I would use your services again if I needed to and would refer you too.” Francine V… (2008)

“I dislike nothing about the services received and I would use your services again if I needed to. I enjoyed everything about your services, value, experience, trust, your patience and courtesy. Thanks again.” Brian F. W… (111806)

“Dear ‘Dee-Ann’: You have been a blessing in a very difficult, most complicated and confidential situation. You are the epitome of an interpreter as opposed to a translator. You express feeling, understanding and diplomacy–rather than just words. You have been a part of an extremely vital set of episodes in several of our lives and our business. I thank you very much.” Robert A. W… (020292)

“I did receive the translation; thank you–it is very satisfactory. I appreciate your quick turnaround time in such a short window! Best, Lauren W… (2010)

“Very satisfied with your English into French translation services, and likely to refer your services.” Cynthia W… (052100)

“I am very satisfied with your translation services, referred to me by a reputable organization. I will use your services again if I need them.” DeNita W… (072602)

“Very satisfied with your [translation] services. We are extremely pleased regarding the fast turn-around to our need.” Carl E. W… (020298)

“We received prompt, accurate translation at a cost that was economical.” Carl E. W… (020695)

“Excellent translation. Responded professionally & kindly to a 1/2 crazed (me) client, pressured by a deadline that had life impacting consequences! Thank you. Satisfactory rating by native speaker of the target language. The Consul General thought that translating the company names went a bit far but accepted all translated materials without other comment. Excellent responsiveness.” Lisa Z. M… (071494)

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